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Dear guests we inform you that we are closing the restaurant and hotel untill 10th of February 2022.

We look forward to hosting you for St. Triphun's Day!




In our lives the most important things are happiness, love and joy. We all like to share these precious moments with our family and loved ones.  Let us organize your family celebrations and bring you moments that you’ll never forget.

Surprise your business partners, co-workers and other associates with a unique gift: wine from Popova Kula Winery with branded label with your company logo. Our team will help you to find the ideal label solution for you and your company. So, choose some of our wines, contact us and be ready for the upcoming holidays.

Information and contact: 076 432 650, 075 432 630.


In the spirit of the Olympic, now is the time to host your own Wine Olympics, perfect for high-energy team building fun in the Vineyards! Rather than running, jumping and swimming your way to victory, teams will tackle a very different series of events, an array of winery related activities that will guarantee laughter at every turn. Think outside of the box by exercising creativity, resourcefulness and decision-making under the preasure of time.

  • Wine barrel rac                            
  • Grape stomping
  • Bottle labelling                                
  • Cork popping
  • Waiter relay  blind tasting