To make a reservation in our restaurant or hotel, please call us on our mobile phone +389 76 432 630.

If you are abroad you can call us on the same mobile using Viber.

You can also book by email at:

The latest offer from the restaurant

Join us at the party in the yard of Popova Kula and enjoy the special May Day menu in a wonderful atmosphere outdoors

with a Macedonian band

(music starts at 12h).

Reservations by phone:

Tel. + 389 76 432 630

Tel .: + 389 75 432 600

The latest offer from the hotel

Our hotel is open from Monday to Sunday.
To check room availability and make a reservation,
call us on 076 432 630

The latest proposed attraction

Now is the perfect time for any kind of hiking and hiking! While it is not hot and trees and flowers are blooming, we offer you to organize an unforgettable weekend walking on the mountains and hills of Demir Kapija.
Call us to arrange your attraction together!
Tel. 076 432 630

Other information

All COVID restrictions have been lifted. The restaurant and the hotel are operating at full capacity.


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