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Terroir and vineyards

Macedonia has three wine regions, the most important of which is the central region, ie. Povardarie. The most famous and most important wine part of that region is Tikvesh. Demir Kapija Valley as a wine sub-region is again the southernmost part of Tikvesh. A characteristic of the Demir Kapija Valley is that we have a mix of continental climate that is present in the other part of Tikvesh region with mediterranean climate that is on the other side of the Demir Kapija gorge.

Popova Kula terroir

Within the Demir Kapija valley, Popova Kula is the name of the micro-location, ie. the specific terroir where the Popova Kula Winery is located. Here at 182m above sea level we have over 280 sunny days, lime soil, slightly sloped terrain with south-southwest exposure where rain and snow are easily drained and where we have prolonged exposure of vineyards to the sun. But, here we have a specific wind pattern which is unique not only in the region but also for the Demir Kapija valley itself. Namely, the daily warm winds coming from the south from the direction of Demir Kapija gorge blow directly to our location. That contributes to the health of our vineyards. In the evening, even in the hottest days of August, we have a slightly colder wind that descends from Kozuf mountain and cools the vineyards. Here we get healthy grapes, excellent sugars, acids and a wealth of flavors and aromas with recognizable and very distinctive minerality that is characteristic and unique only for this terroir - micro-location.
On this terroir we have our vineyards of:
- Stanushina
- Vranec 1,
- Vranec 2,
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Zilavka 1

Beshvichki Livadki terroir

Within the Demir Kapija Valley is the terroir - the micro-location Besvichki Livadki at 400 m above sea level, west of the Popova Kula Winery. There we also have lime soil that is easily drained but, which has a neutral to northern exposure which in conditions of over 280 sunny days gives excellent results for white varieties and Prokupec. Here we also have another specific wind pattern with a predominance of cooler winds from Kozuf Mountain that cool the plantations well, especially in the evening, which contributes to their health and the richness of tartaric acids that are high compared to the average for Macedonia. This terroir gives quality grapes with rich aromas from which we make white wines that age very well, which is a remarkable feature that is not found everywhere. Here are our vineyards of:
- Temjanika
- Chardonnay
- Sauvignon Blanc
- Muscat Ottonel
- Zilavka 2
- Prokupec

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