Social responsibility

We believe that companies are not only for the profit of those who have invested in it, but also exist to achieve the visions and missions that lead them forward.
Thus, we act in accordance with our vision and mission.
We saved Stanushina, which is a unique indigenous Macedonian variety, from extinction.
We have invested in a rural part of Macedonia - Demir Kapija and we are persistently working on the overall development of the municipality.
We were the first in Macedonia to start the concept of wine tourism and thus contribute to the development of tourism in Demir Kapija, Tikvesh, but also in Macedonia and the Balkans.
When we started, they laughed at us and told us that in Demir Kapija for centuries the only tourists were the occupying armies. Today we are happy that, among other things, with our strong commitment, Demir Kapija has turned into a tourist destination.
We build the team primarily with locals and invest in their development. For the temporary jobs in the vineyard in the company we also engage people from the local community. Everyone is treated as part of a team that needs to create value. Wages are always paid on time and in full with all contributions. We always emphasize that the respect we should have for each other is paramount.
We procure locally when possible for better local economic development.
When were buying grapes, we promoted the concept of fair trade relations by paying the grape growers fair prices and on time without delay.
Whenever we can, we help the local institutions, the Special Institute, the Wine Museum, the House of Culture and the sports clubs - the Kayak Club and the Outdoor Club.
During the Covid pandemic, we organized the other stakeholders in tourism and worked on the development of tourist signalization and tourist map of Demir Kapija.
In conditions of obvious tax evasion, we insist that every company is obliged to pay all taxes. That's how we behave.
We are firmly convinced that a healthy and clean environment is a prerequisite for our happy and healthy life. We behave and act in accordance with that belief.
We think we are an example of a socially responsible company and it is up to our customers and guests to evaluate.
Team Popova Kula


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