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Demir Kapija has an incredible tourist potential that is rapidly developing and offers fantastic experiences for visitors. We have the beautiful Demir Kapija gorge, Prosek, and Gradiste archeological sites as well as the Wine Museum. Like no other location in Macedonia we have 6 rivers: Vardar, Boshavica, Dosnica, Drenska Reka, Chelavechka and Klisurska Reka and on Dosnica we have the unique warm pools. The eagles have chosen the hill above Demir Kapija as their nesting place and they give us incredible views while cactuses made their corner worth visiting. Of course we have interesting story of the wine ...

With more than 300 sunny days a year, Demir Kapija offers something for every day of the year and that is why we believe that Demir Kapija is a story that waits for you to discover.

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Rock climbing

Demir Kapija Canyon is one of the best climbing sites in the entire Balkans. There are currently more than 400 tracks with different weight categories and three Via-Ferrata. Comfortable access to the site, deep shadows in summer, equipped sectors with tables and benches create ideal conditions for your adventure. Organize your adrenaline adventure here!


Demir Kapija, hidden among mountains, forests and rivers, is one of the most beautiful places for walking. The place itself allows you to choose such directions and paths that will suit you and your physical condition. From easy and pleasant walks along the river to a steep climb in the mountains.


Demir Kapija is a perfect place for bicycle tours. Above the hills, in the forests and along the rivers, there are kilometers of marked roads and paths for your adventure!

Rafting and kayaking

The rapids, bends and crossings of the river Vardar, which divides the canyon and the town of Demir Kapija, are great for kayaking and rafting. The local club and instructors will organize unforgettable adventures for you!

Warm Pools

During the summer season, when the weather is dry and hot, one of the most popular destinations for the locals and the tourists are the warm pools on the local Doshnica river. This super clean river descends from the mountains and warms up on the way down passing through the rocks that have been exposed to the summer sun. Usually, the season starts in June and lasts until mid-September.

Bird watching

Demir Kapija is one of the most important ornithological reserves in Macedonia. Rare bird species live here in the canyon, many of which are listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species. This location is under the protection of the International Organization of Ornithologists.

Historic sites

Demir Kapija is rich with its archeological and historical sites. There are three late medieval and early medieval fortresses, interesting old churches and monasteries. Each of these places has its own history, waiting for you to discover it.


Demir Kapija is the only municipality where in a small space we have six rivers: Boshavica, Dosnica, Drenska Reka, Chelavechka Reka, Klisurska Reka and Vardar. Each river has its own fishing opportunities, which is very popular here. In addition, we have manmade ponds with carp. If you are fisherman Demir Kapija is the ideal location for your enjoyment. Demir Kapija stories of fish catching adventures are bigger…😊

Cactus Valley

Unique in Macedonia, cactus valley in the picturesque village of Klisura just 7 km from Demir Kapija. It is an amazing sight! Do not miss, the flowering time is from mid-May to June.


The lavender that we planted few years ago, today is one of the most attractive locations in Demir Kapija. In the last two weeks of June, when it blooms, it is a fantastic sight for every nature lover, and it is real inspiration for unique photo shooting sessions. The location itself offers beautiful view. Make a note on your calendars - the last two weeks of June.

Wine Museum

The first wine museum in Macedonia will take you through the history of the city, the art of winemaking, archeology and archeological sites, ethnology and the story of the flora and fauna of Demir Kapija. A truly unique institution developed by local enthusiasts.

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