Our events and parties

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Our events and parties

Popova Kula Winery respects and follows local traditions and holidays.

We organize interesting and unique events and parties.

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Lavender photo shoot

Popova Kula has planted a beautiful lavender field. From these fragrant plants we produce organic oil and hydrosol, but we also organize amazing photo sessions before we harvest the flowers. We are inviting you to the photo session in the last two weeks in June.

Saint Mary’s day

Saint Mary is protector of Demir Kapija.. This holiday is celebrated every year on August 28 and this is also Popova Kula's birthday. That's why we organize a party every year. We mark that party as the start of a new harvest. It is our pleasure to invite you to join us.

End of harvest party

At the end of each harvest, after hard work we organize a party. The exact date can never be determined precisely because it depends on the weather but it usually falls in the first two weeks of October. We announce this a few days before the event on our website and invite you to join us.

New Year's Eve

Every year we organize a spectacular New Year's Eve in our restaurant and hotel. Perfect wines, delicious and rich food, live music, fireworks, and dancing - all that our customers love.

St. Trifun’s day

According to the Orthodox Christianity Saint Trifun is the protector of the vineyards and wineries and according to the Orthodox calendar 14. February is the Saint Trifun’s day. Traditionally, on that day the wineries in Macedonia organize parties and the grape growers start pruning the vineyards. In accordance with this nice tradition we do the same. We start pruning our vineyards and we have a party for the grape growers, friends and visitors.

8th March

International Women's Day is a traditional celebration in Macedonia. We have special offer and live music for the ladies! Usually, this holiday marks the beginning of the new tourist season.

1st of May

International Labor Day, celebrated in many countries, is a beautiful spring holiday. Outside in our summer restaurant, under the warm May sun, join us and relax with traditional Macedonian barbecue, wine and music.

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