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Vranec Victory
Temjanika Sweet

Vranec Victory

Vineyard at Besvichki Livadki micro location, Demir Kapija district, Tikvesh wine region

Varietal Composition: 100% Vranec

Taste description: 

The color of this wine is incredibly deep and intense, which in the best possible way reflects the meaning of the name Vranec (black stallion). The aromas are intense and complex, with clear notes of cherry, blackberry, blueberry, and chokeberry. The taste of this is an extremely complex and rich wine with a pronounced full body where notes of cherry, blackberry and chokeberry reappear. Tannins are rich, but incredibly delicate, velvety, and well blended. Despite the pronounced dominance and power, Vranec Victory is incredibly well-balanced, fascinatingly elegant, harmonious, and drinkable wine. The aftermath is extremely long. 

Food pairing:

It is wonderful in combination with pork roast in prunes, steak and blue cheese sauce.

Wine analysis:
Total acids: 6.9 grams per liter
Sugars: 24.6 grams per liter
Alcohol: 14.5 % vol.

Harvest: The moderately rainy winter was followed by a warm spring, which created ideal conditions for an early start to the season. Rainfall was in normal quantities and evenly distributed throughout the year. These conditions, which had the same course during the harvest, contributed to the high quality of this year's grapes and created excellent conditions for the expert teams for making and harvesting the grapes. The grapes were harvested at the middle of September. The grapes were picked by hand and then placed in crates.

Wine making:

  • Grape crushing and de-staming.
  • 48 hour cold maceration at48 hour cold maceration at 15 C degrees for softening the tannins
  • 10 day fermentation at 23-250C degrees with natural yeasts.0C degrees during which a complete "overhaul" is done twice
  • Complete "overhaul" is done twice
  • Silent fermentation in tanks for 5 months
  • Clarification, stabilization and bottling


Silver medal for Vranec Victory 2015 - Sakura Wine Awards 2017, Japan  

Temjanika Sweet

Temjanika Sweet 2015

Vineyard at Popova Kula micro location, Demir Kapija district, Tikvesh wine region

Varietal Composition: 100% Temjanika

Description of the wine:
Sweet white wine with yellow color and aromas of chamomile, honey, and peach. The expressive sweetness and the long after taste give this wine a special charming and fine note.

Food pairing: It is best consumed chilled at 12°C with chocolate desserts and rice pudding.

Wine analysis:
Total acids: 5.6 grams per liter
Sugars: 68.2 grams per liter
Alcohol: 12.32 %

The season was great in many ways, it was the warmest, the earliest and without a doubt one of the best for developing excellent fruit quality. The month of February had unusually high temperatures, followed by slightly colder temperatures in March, which created excellent preconditions for the development of flavors. The summer was long, very hot, which allowed the development of higher levels of sugar than usual. The grapes were harvested by hand at the end of August, reaching a sugar level of 24. The grapes are carefully selected at the best maturity and placed in crates.

Wine making:

  • Cooling the grapes
  • Crushing and removing the stalks
  • Pressing
  • Clarifying the must
  • Fermentation at controlled temperature
  • When the sugar concentration is at the desired level the fermentation stops with a sharp drop in temperature
  • Stabilization and clarification processes 
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