Our vision

Popova Kula Winery will become a well know producer of highest quality wines from Macedonia that are in demand and a desired tourist destination. 

Our mission

  • To save the domestic and regional grape varieties and to establish their qualities on the market.
  • To establish Macedonia as a wine country.
  • To develop the wine tourism and the wine culture in Macedonia.  


To achieve more than 20% IRR for the investors through excellence in quality of the products and services and through superior marketing mix.

Strategic approach

The Popova Kula winery is established in 2004, as limited liability Company by group of 19 investors.

On 08.05.2007 Popova Kula raised additional equity and become a joint stock company.

The company has 2.700.000 ordinary shares with nominal price of 61.50 MKD or 1,00 Eur.

As of 14.06.2007 the shares of Popova Kula Winery are listed on the Joint Stock Companies with special reporting obligations market on the Macedonian Stock Exchange under ISN: MK POPK 101014. (

Inteko Doo Import-Export Skopje is the major shareholder with 50,58% of shares ( and those are not for sale. In case, Inteko Doo Import-Export, Skopje decides to sell its shares, information will be published in a timely manner.

The rest of the 49,42% shares are openly traded on the Macedonian stock exchange market.

The company has Board of Directors with seven members, six are non-executives and one is executive member. 

Grigori Popovski,
President of the BOD,
Non-executive member
Short CV



Jordan Trajkov,



Ivona Koleva,
Non-executive member
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Zlatko Danev,
Non-executive member
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Klime Babunski,
Non-executive member
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The Popova Kula Winery regularly submits reports to the Macedonian SEC.

You could take the reports from this page or from the web site of SEC


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