Our estate owned single vineyards of Temjanika and Chardonnay, from which this special wine series Aristokrat is made of, is located at an altitude of 400 m and is exposed to sun 300 days a year. At night, from the Kozuf Mountain cooler air masses descend to this micro location that cause quick cooling of the vines and grapes.

The unique terroir, the specific micro climate and our dedicated work in the vineyards resulted in grapes of exceptional quality. The hand harvesting of the best grapes, careful and fast transportation to the winery, precise control of the fermentation and great attention to details in the production process created the high quality of this wine.

Temjanika Aristokrat and Chardonnay Aristokrat are unique wines that reveal the splendour of the terroir that leaves a considerable mark on their personality and it is our gift to the admirers of the good taste.


Temjanika Aristokrat Chardonnay Aristokrat