The natural beauties of the region make Popova Kula ideal place for your active vacation. In cooperation with competent personal we offer different kind of activities during your stay in our hotel.

Doshnica River

Relaxing walk along the bank of the beautiful Doshnica River (optional - picnic lunch). 

 Doshnica River is the clearest river in Macedonia. From the spring of the river, some 20km south-south/west from Demir Kapija under the highest pick of the Kozuf Mountain, till Demir Kapija there is no human settlement along the river. Before it joins Vardar River at the Demir Kapija gorge it passes through low lands of the Demir Kapija valley hidden within the old forest that grows along the river. Perfect area for relaxing walk and for picnic. (more)

Biking tour – Around the vineyards of Popova Kula

Rent a bike and ride around our vineyards.
Distance: 13,5 Km       Elevation: start 178m, highest point 390m.
Price:  Renting the bike 1,6Eur / h; 10 Eur/ day
If you need a guide to bike with you – 20 Eur.  Scheduling of the guide minimum one day in advance.  (more)



Bird watching

Demir Kapija Gorge is one of the richest ornithological reserves in Europe by the presence of rare vulture birds. In cooperation with the local ornithological club we offer guided bird watching tours.  (more)


Fortress Prosek

Challenging hike up to the remaining of the ancient fortress Prosek, combined with moderate hike and easy walk on the way back.  This tour is designed for people that are ready to have some stronger physical activity.

Fortress Prosek was located strategically on the top of the rocky hill on the left side of the Demir Kapija Gorge. The view from the top is nothing less than spectacular. (more)


Klisura Village

An easy to moderate hike to the abandoned Klisura village.

Klisura village is located on south from Demir Kapija just behind the Krasta hill.  It is the oldest village within the vicinity of Demir Kapija  municipality.  Hikers will marvel at a peaceful area surrounded by mountains and will be able to explore the church and monastery of the village. Klisura is also an ideal place for bird watching.  (more)  


The lost world - Radnja Village

Deep in the Kozuf Mountain, forbidden place for the Turks during the Ottoman Empire, lays the land of the free – Radnja Village. Developed in the early days of the Ottoman Empire but than totally destroyed in the Second World War the village was abandoned. Nowadays is one of the true stories of the lost worlds. (more)


Tikveshiya valley - Wine tasting tour

There are 80+wineries in Macedonia, however most of the grape & wine production takes place in the Tikveshiya Valley thus most of the wineries are located in this magical valley.  All of them are within 30km from Popova Kula Winery, which makes it easy to visit those that are open for tourists. (more)


Village Chelavec

Moderate hiking tour along the Youruchka River up to Chelavec village.  Spectacular starting point in between two tunnels within the Demir Kapija gorge, and than way up the small but wonderful gorge of the Yourucka River. (more)


Warm pools on Doshnica River

Real hidden jam for the tourists – refresh and get in touch with the nature.

Just before Doshnica River enters the Demir Kapija valley the river has created natural pools suited for refreshment. The water in the pools is wormed up during the summer months by the sun but also by the accumulated hit of the surrounding rocks/boulders.  (more)


Cooking Lessons- Traditional meals

One of the must do things while visiting Macedonia is to try the local food. The ultimate experience would be to try to learn how to cook some of the traditional meals.

We are offering just such great experience.  (more)


Folk Dancing Lessons

Macedonia has reach music and folk dances heritage.  While you are in Macedonia it would be a great experience to get to know part of it.  

We are offering just such great experience. (more)


Rock  Climbing

Demir Kapija Gorge is one of the best spots in the world for rock climbing activities. It is a place of choice for the professional rock climbers from around the world. However it is a perfect place also for beginners or enthusiasts. (more)



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